Fiduciary duty is such an enduring and steadfast principle that it seems to suggest a state of constancy. However, the interpretation and application of the concept has evolved over time to reflect the changing realities of the world around us including dynamic political and regulatory environments, and multiple jurisdictions.

The widespread acceptance that ESG issues are material factors is a key element in this evolution. We have moved far more rapidly than many thought possible away the mistaken view that ESG was inherently incompatible with fiduciary duty to an understanding that material ESG issues are entirely appropriate considerations. Indeed, some would argue that failing to consider material ESG issues may be inconsistent with fiduciary duty.

To discuss this core topic in depth, the CFA Society of Boston is pleased to welcome two thought leaders who have been tracking – and influencing – this topic over multiple years. Please join us on Thursday, May 20th as we host David Webber, Professor of Law at Boston University and Andrew Parry, Head of Sustainable Investing at Newton Investment Management to share their views on fiduciary duty; what it is, what it is not, and how it is changing, both in the United States as well as across the Atlantic.

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Thursday, May 20th – ESG Series: Fiduciary duty – how understanding and practice are evolving to meet a changing investment landscape